iFunFactory是实时多人游戏服务器技术的领先公司。 我公司的iFun引擎是一个SDK形式服务器引擎,可以帮助轻松快速地构建实时的多人游戏服务器,并由韩国和美国的游戏研发商采用。 
       而且,iFunFactory也发行了游戏运营平台,它叫iFun Deploy. iFun Deploy 可以帮助您的游戏运营服务和用户管理。 iFunFactory由Softbank Ventures Korea,Nexon Korea和Korea Investment Partners出资。
iFunFactory is a leading company in real-time multiplayer game server technology. Its iFun Engine is a SDK-style server software that helps easily and quickly build real-time multiplayer game servers, and adopted by game studios in Korea and USA. And iFunFactory also released iFun Deploy that is game management web service platform. It provides useful features for game service operation iFunFactory has been funded by Softbank Ventures Korea, Nexon Korea, and Korea Investment Partners.